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Surprise, Surprise

Third post in one day? Lame. It’s 9 p.m. (working on fixing that time up top) and I just realized I haven’t eaten. Cause? Well, first let me say that you know I have a problem sleeping and I decided to go get some energy drinks so that I can stay awake and not nap during the day. Well, of course¬†Monsters and the such are¬†too expensive. Gas is already high…but let’s not talk about that!

So, I was looking through the juice aisle and found some energy packets. You know, like the ones Lipton has. You just pour the packet into your water. I was a bit skeptical as…there are 10 packets and it was only 1.50. That can’t be good…right? Wrong. I bought “Morning Spark Energy Drink Mix” as well as “Power Edge Energy Drink Mix” as shown below. They don’t taste too great. They are orange and tangerine flavor…and have a strong aftertaste. BUT…I was feeling good in no time. I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, redid the bookshelf, dusted the side tables and entertainment center, vaccumed the living room…and I am about to do the dishes and clean the bathroom.

Speaking of cleaning, ever since I can remember…I have always cleaned the house EXCEPT my own room. Why is that? The house looks great. My room on the otherhand…terrible.

Back on subject…I really didn’t think these things would work. The taste is not so great but they gave me enough energy to clean the house and get lots of stuff done.


P.S. I plan on adding more pages and fun topics. =)


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