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I agreed with that…jut days ago. I am 23 and feel like I have not done a SINGLE thing for myself. When I am around a bunch of people and they start talking about school and careers, I agree and congratulate them but quickly excuse myself from the group to avoid embarrassment. I can’t say that I have done a single thing that I am proud of (for myself, of course) and that I am passionate about. When we went to my Uncle’s we were a little buzzed and he started talking about family, and kids, and the future and aging and realizing what life is about. Then he started talking about being passionate about something. I don’t even remember what he asked as I was in a deep thought about my life. But, I remember answering “I wish I would have stayed in dance…”. I am 23 but you know what…I think I want to pursue it. Just for myself. Just so I can say I did what I always wanted to do! I don’t know why but for some reason I have this motivation that I have lost in a bad relationship and have been searching for. I feel great. *sigh*

I am off to party city because they are having a sale on party supplies for a party I am planning. I love sales.

Also, I saw on a someone elses blog that they did a “100 Things About Me” and I think that sounds like fun! I have to finish laundry right now.

I feel giddy.

P.S. As for that quote that was on “So you think you can dance…”….I refuse to put my youth to waste…


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A little motivation

First, I notice my posts are off because I fixed the time. Sorry.

I swear, every time I start to look for a job things comes up. Now, I don’t want to divulge TOO much into my personal life….right now. I feel as though…if I start to talk about my personal life and feelings about it…that that is ALL I will talk about and defeat the whole purpose of this blog. I want to move on and keep my mind off of it. So, I will try my best to keep it to a minimum.

I am okay financially, but I really want to get back to work. My last employer pretty much screwed me over. I am kind of procrastinating because I found out they said I was NOT rehireable even though I put my two week in. They simply were mad that I was leaving. I am afraid of the rejection from the next employer if they call and base hiring me off of that specifically.

I have to go to Washington for some family business and so I am a little worried about applying for jobs because last time I went to Washington, I recieved an email while I was out and was unable to meet with the employer. I am also against calling and rescheduling.

I am going to be pretty busy for the next week. This Friday is my birthday…23…don’t even feel like it. Guess that’s a good thing. My best friend is going to throw me a birthday party so I am pretty excited about seeing friends and of course…drinks. Staying the night. No drinking and driving here. Then on Tuesday I am going back to Washington for family business until Thursday. On Friday, I am coming back to Texas to pack and go to my Uncles for a party he is throwing Saturday.

I am a little excited right now. This reflects my “title” of this blog. I have been kind of bummed since leaving my last employer and finding out they pretty much betrayed me since the manager WAS my friend (don’t mix personal with business, I know). Well, among other things, I have been pretty bummed. I found out today that there has been a guy asking about me. Which…to me…is odd. I have only had TWO serious relationships. After ending the last one, I have kind of been to myself. I think it’s time I move on.

I feel like a little girl in junior high getting all excited. I know that nothing may come of it…but the fact that someone has asked about me…kind of shocks me. I guess because…I am not the typical girl that can walk up to a guy and start a conversation. I get shy. Geez…kills me.

But, knowing that someone shows interest in me makes me want to get in zeee gym! I hate going in the afternoon. I hate having to wait for the damn machines.

I hope everyone has a good weekend…I know I am!


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