First Post

[edit @midnight!] UGH! Already, I have an edit. How the hell do you add your Flickr account? Booo! What is the RSS feed link? I swear, I have added every link imaginable!

Do you see that “More Photos” on the side there? Yeah, supposed to be pics.[/edit]

My name is Ariella Cordova. I am just a girl with a lot to express. I am 23 years old and my life isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. So…I am making a change. I want to travel, experience things I have never experienced, laugh, love…you know..everything a girl dreams of! I am going to make it come true. I don’t want to just saaayy it..I want to mean it. 2008 so far has been shit. I HAVE GOT to change this.

Summer is almost over..and I didn’t do jack. Is it wrong to put your life aside to help family? I don’t think so…but there comes a point in your life where you HAVE to be selfish because then you are 23 years old and wondering where the hell time went!

I guess in this first post..I will tell you about myself. I know, I know…BORING!

I am single and unemployed. Currently. I hope that changes. I really want you to stick around because I need your advice, comments, opinions, experiences. I want to talk about everything from travel to sex to depression to love to careers to …whatever else. I want to inspire and BE inspired.