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I agreed with that…jut days ago. I am 23 and feel like I have not done a SINGLE thing for myself. When I am around a bunch of people and they start talking about school and careers, I agree and congratulate them but quickly excuse myself from the group to avoid embarrassment. I can’t say that I have done a single thing that I am proud of (for myself, of course) and that I am passionate about. When we went to my Uncle’s we were a little buzzed and he started talking about family, and kids, and the future and aging and realizing what life is about. Then he started talking about being passionate about something. I don’t even remember what he asked as I was in a deep thought about my life. But, I remember answering “I wish I would have stayed in dance…”. I am 23 but you know what…I think I want to pursue it. Just for myself. Just so I can say I did what I always wanted to do! I don’t know why but for some reason I have this motivation that I have lost in a bad relationship and have been searching for. I feel great. *sigh*

I am off to party city because they are having a sale on party supplies for a party I am planning. I love sales.

Also, I saw on a someone elses blog that they did a “100 Things About Me” and I think that sounds like fun! I have to finish laundry right now.

I feel giddy.

P.S. As for that quote that was on “So you think you can dance…”….I refuse to put my youth to waste…


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Summing it all up!

Hello! It’s the weekend…again…already!

My birthday went great. My friend threw me a birthday party and I got to see some old friends. I have to say though, I stepped over the classy line…a little. It all went downhill when I decided to drink out of a mysterious cup. I don’t know what was in it. I BELIEVE it was Jack Daniels. Whatever it was, I threw it up not 3 minutes later. Don’t worry, there wasn’t anyone there that would slip something in a drink…which is why I wasn’t too hesitant to drink out of it. I just needed a drink because my mouth was dry. Big mistake.

Well, I went to Washington. I think this may be the last time unless I go on an actual vacation instead of family affairs. I am tired of running around and spending money on something that may happen again. Basically, stressing myself out for no reason. We did try to make a trip out of it. We went to Archie McPhee’s. I saw it on the Travel Channel and I really wanted to go because they made it seem more like a gag store than a novelty store. No. I recommend it because it does have a lot of bizarre things in there, but it was not what I expected it to be.

Now, onto the Friday Five!

1. Name one movie you wish everybody could watch.
The Family Stone. I am a huge Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton fan. Of all movies, yes, that one.

2. Name two books you wish everybody could read.
Fan Mail
All around the Town

3. Name three goals you wish everybody could achieve.
Self confidence, health, and financial stability.

4. Name four people you wish everybody could know.
Honest, trustworthy, faithful, and loyal people. I think everyone deserves to know someone with those qualities.

5. Name five places you wish everybody could visit.
Sorry, but I have not traveled a lot myself so I can’t help here.

Enough with the sentimental stuff! Next weekend is my Uncle’s party and I think that that will be all for traveling, if that’s what you want to call it, for now. I still need to work on my new years resolution. I think I might let you all in on it, too! We will see. I am hoping to add a few things to this site. Bah! I said that already, but I just need the damn time!

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